yoga for runners

Being a (brand) new runner (again!) I’ve realized I’ve got a definite advantage this time around- my regular yoga practice!
I’ve just started training this week to do a 10k run at the Ottawa Race Weekend. It’s a tradition my sister and I have had since 2006, but I’ve always done the 5k. Time to step it up, since one of my long-term goals is a half-marathon! (Which seems kind of insane to me, since even the 10k is intimidating me).

After my very first run in months on Monday (stupidly followed IMMEDIATELY by a 60 minute heated Moksha practice) I’ve been feeling extremely tight in the hip flexors. Follow that with back-to-back classes on Wednesday (TWO of our teachers are leaving! *sniff*), and another run yesterday- suffice to say I can barely walk. So I’ve looked up a couple different yoga for runners sequences, here: iYogaLife 10 Best Poses for Runners and this post at Daily Cup of Yoga.

I’ve come up with my own personalized sequence for post-run yoga on Yoga Journal. Here it is!

Can’t wait to try out it after my next run! Do you have any favourite post-run poses?



~ by myyogalife on April 2, 2010.

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