a holiday Sunday, and a review

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First, I’d like to thank The Joy of Yoga for featuring my running sequence yesterday! If you haven’t been to her blog, check it out. A new sequence every day, perfect for the home practitioner!

I’ll say Happy Easter, which can be loosely translated as, hope you are all having a fantastic long weekend with beautiful weather, no matter if the holiday is celebrated or not!

(photo taken by me in NYC last year)

I’ve been fiddling around with my Authentic Yoga app, which I found on Daily Cup of Yoga‘s blog. To be honest, I only purchased it at first because it was on sale- favouring hot yoga, I do most of my yoga in class form. However, I was excited when they provided an update, allowing you to form your own sequences. I’ve only just discovered the wonderful feeling of creativity and control in creating your own sequences these past few days. (And I look forward to it post- teacher training, when I am more experienced!) I had a lot of fun scrolling through the available poses to come up with my own variation of the Moksha sequence, that incorporates a few poses I like, and would like to work on, while keeping in with the Moksha focus of hip and spine openers. I’d give it a 4/5 for ease of use- my frustration was that when clicking on the ‘balance’ section, it didn’t always work properly, and I’d have to click another section, and then back into it to see all the poses. My other frustration came when went to save, and then realized I forgot to add crane pose. I hit the back button, only to find it erased EVERYTHING. Since it was my first time playing around, I had spent a good deal of time creating my sequence! Gah.

All in all though, if you have an iPhone (or iTouch?) I would recommend this- even at full price, which is still only a few dollars- if you like home practice, and creating your own sequences. It is great because it allows your sequence (or Deepak & Tara Stile’s sequences) to be played as a video, which helps you visualize and time the poses.

How to you prefer to do your yoga – videos, apps, classes, or going with your own flow? And, more importantly… is anyone else experiencing major chocolate overload?!



yoga for runners

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Being a (brand) new runner (again!) I’ve realized I’ve got a definite advantage this time around- my regular yoga practice!
I’ve just started training this week to do a 10k run at the Ottawa Race Weekend. It’s a tradition my sister and I have had since 2006, but I’ve always done the 5k. Time to step it up, since one of my long-term goals is a half-marathon! (Which seems kind of insane to me, since even the 10k is intimidating me).

After my very first run in months on Monday (stupidly followed IMMEDIATELY by a 60 minute heated Moksha practice) I’ve been feeling extremely tight in the hip flexors. Follow that with back-to-back classes on Wednesday (TWO of our teachers are leaving! *sniff*), and another run yesterday- suffice to say I can barely walk. So I’ve looked up a couple different yoga for runners sequences, here: iYogaLife 10 Best Poses for Runners and this post at Daily Cup of Yoga.

I’ve come up with my own personalized sequence for post-run yoga on Yoga Journal. Here it is!

Can’t wait to try out it after my next run! Do you have any favourite post-run poses?


plant a tree

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I am extremely happy to hear about the new Hello Green Tomorrow initiative that Avon will be launching in the next few weeks. For $1, you can plant a tree in the South American Atlantic Rainforest. Each tree “purchased” earns you a certificate with green tips. (on recycled paper, hopefully!)

It’s great to see such a large company bringing awareness to the need to go green!
Unfortunately it seems that you have to have a real, live representative to make the purchase, and doesn’t appear available online (yet). Find out more about purchasing a tree here.

Happy April!


spring has sprung!

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The first blooms of the season bring wonderful thoughts of outdoor yoga to mind! We’ll see if I can’t start my own little group of friends to join me. My town isn’t large enough to have guerilla yoga… yet!


350 challenge

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Would just like to draw my (few, if existent) readers attention to the new badge on my blog.

It’s for theĀ 350 Challenge. For every blogger that posts the badge on their blog, and then fills out a quick form for Brighter Planet to verify, they will offset 350lbs of Carbon in your name. It takes about a minute… and think of the difference it would make if every yoga blogger did it! Join the movement, pass it on!



travel mat

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I was super-excited to hear about this new “travel” mat from Lululemon.

(click on the pic to learn more!)

When I went to Vancouver last month for the Olympics, I faithfully lugged around my regular mat. Shockingly, it fit INSIDE my MEC backpack – but this would have been so much easier!

The mat itself also sounds really great (and also comes in a standard, cushiony form as well as the travel version)- supposedly it’s super-grippy, and actually ABSORBs liquid (i.e. sweat), and is also partly made of recycled fabric. I’m hoping to get to a free class this weekend at one of their stores to try it out, to make sure it is worth all the hype before I buy. (Now that I’ve officially decided on the Montreal teacher training this September, I’m investing in a sturdy mat!)

What mat do you use? Do you bring it with you on holidays?



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I just got my very first issue of my yoga journal subscription in the mail! (On a day when I had the flu… it cheered me up as much as was actually possible!)

and…! I will definitely be attending a Moksha teacher training this year, I just have to decide… Toronto, or Montreal? I’m leaning towards Montreal.
Happy Friday!